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Polymatronic exists since 2015 and was founded as a filmproduction, specialized in 3d modelling, animation and VFX. Originally coming from architecture and starting of with architectural visualizations I’ve developed to work for commercials, imagefilms, TV and film over the past years.

Furthermore I’ve connected to many more artists in the creative industry, with whom I enjoy working on bigger projects.

3d Modelling and Animation

I create virtual models and animations according to your needs – from technical visualizations to character animations or visual effects for films.

2d Animation

As an entirely new service I’ve developed an efficient workflow in cooperation with a Vienna based Illustrator for complex 2d animations.

From impressive After Effects animated Illustrations up to hand drawn frame-by-frame animations.

Ads and Imagefilms

You’re in need of assets and animations for Commercials and Imagefilms? I produce social media content, TV commercials as well entire imagefilms.

Visual Effects

A movie is missing the certain something? Look no further. I offer visual effects for short movies, documentaries and TV series.

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How i Work

My Working Process

Over the past years I've developed an efficient workflow that I suggest to my clients. However, experience told me that flexibility is still key. So if you need a different approach, let's just talk.

  • Discuss the project

    I try to get as much info as possible on a pending project. Once you give me all the information I will prepare a proper quote. Once approved, we go to the next step …
  • Development / Animatic

    … in which I develop styles, prepare mood images and animatics. These things will be discussed with you, and if everything is according to your wishes, we continue further to …
  • Final production

    … the final production. Now that we have the right direction, I work and refine the concept, all the while discussing the progress with you, finishing the project and leaving no wish unanswered.

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3D Modelling


Visual Effects

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Visuals and illustrations

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